Experience the Future of DeFi on ZkSync with Compete.Finance: The Decentralized Exchange Driven by the Community

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Get ready to soar, Mavericks! Introducing an innovative, community-driven DEX built on ZkSync. Gear up to invest, trade, and earn top-gun yields like never before. Time to engage and conquer the DeFi skies!

Security First

Fly high with confidence, as our contracts pass through the Top Gun audit experience! Safety checks in place for a smooth DeFi ride

Simple and Easy

Navigating the DeFi skies has never been easier! Compete.Finance’s smooth and user-friendly interface lets you soar like a Maverick in no time! 🛩️🕶️

Great Transaction

ZkSync’s got that need for speed, luring thrill-seekers far and wide with their high-flying airdrop

Compete DEX Soars onto ZkSync for High-Flying DeFi Adventures

Igniting the Skies

Gear up, pilots! Compete DEX is about to take off on ZkSync, and you're all invited to ride shotgun. Get ready for high-octane DeFi action, and let's feel the need for speed, together!

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Community driven - DAO

Gun Token

We keep it cool by empowering our users to actively engage and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth. Our long-term success? It’s directly linked to our community’s triumphs. Let’s fly together and rule the DeFi skies.

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